​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PRE​MIUM​ BOARD

PREMIUM-BOARD.jpgThe Premium Board is the listing segment for the elite group of issuers that meet the Exchange’s most stringent corporate governance and li​sting standards. The Board is a platform for showcasing companies who are industry leaders in their sectors. Premium Board features companies that adhere to international best practices on corporate governance and meet the Exchange’s high​est standards of capitalization and liquidity.

A Premium Board listing gives a company access to a global pool of investors who are focused on companies managed in conformity to the highest standards in their target markets.

Premium Board general r​equirements​ ​​ ​​​​Companies seeking admission to the NSE Premium Board are required to satisfy one set of Listing Standards (i.e. Standard A or B or C) for the NSE Main Board, as well as comply with the following:
  1. The company must meet the minimum market capitalization requirement of NGN200 billion on the date The Exchange receives its application (or at the time of listing – for new listings)​
  2. The company must be evaluated under the NSE's Corporate Governance Rating System (CGRS) and achieve a minimum rating score of 70%​​
  3. The company must satisfy either:
    1. a minimum free float requirement of 20% of its issued share capital, OR
    2. the value of its free float shares is equal to or above NGN40 billion on the date the Exchange receives its application to list.​

Companies listed on the Premium Board   

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Rules for listing on the  Premium Board​ (Page 282)​

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