Dynamic marketplace

There are 12 sectors companies can be listed on The Nigerian Stock Exchange.

​Agriculture - Crop Production
- Fishing/Hunting/Trapping
- Livestock/ Animal Specialties​
This sector comprises all units engaged in agriculture, fishing and hunting. Agricultural production covers, primarily, the production of crops, plants, vines, or trees (excluding forestry operations); and the keeping, grazing or feeding of livestock for the sale of livestock or livestock products (including serums) for livestock increase, or for value increase. Fishing, hunting and trapping covers units mainly engaged in commercial fishing (inc​luding shellfish and marine products); in operating fish hatcheries, and fish and game preserves; and in commercial hunting and trapping.

​Construction/ Real Estate - Building Construction
- Non-Building/Heavy Construction
- Property Management
- Real Estate Development
- Real Estate Investment Trusts(REITs)
- Building Structure/Completion
- Site Preparation Services
- Other Construction Services
​This sector includes companies mainly engaged in the construction of buildings which include the construction of a house, farm, industrial, commercial or other building structures, and carrying out alterations, additions, and renovation or general repairs to these buildings. Establishments primarily engaged in the construction of buildings for sale, such as developers, are included, as are companies that are mainly involved in renting or leasing real estate to others; managing real estate for others; selling, buying or renting real estate for others; and providing other real estate related services, including appraisal services. The construction of non-building or heavy construction structures includes the construction or general repair of roads, highways, streets, public sidewalks, bridges, guardrail construction, airport runways or parking lots, and organizing or managing their construction, including on-site assembly. Also Included are installation of road signs, providing architectural supervision or consultant engineering services, as well as services such as site preparation, building structure and completion.​
​​Consumer Goods
- Automobiles/Auto Parts
- Beverages--Brewers/Distillers
- Beverages--Non-Alcoholic
- Consumer Electronics
- Food Products
- Food Products--Diversified
- Household Durables
- Personal/Household Products
- Textiles/Apparel
- Tobacco Products
- Toys and Games
This sector comprises companies that are engaged in the production and manufacturing of final goods. In general, these are products and services classified for personal use, specifically intended for the mass market. This major sector encompasses goods that are consumed rather than used in the production of other goods, and include both durable and non-durable consumables. Included in this sector are manufacturers of automobiles/auto parts, household durable good, textiles and apparel, as well as manufacturers’ food, beverages and tobacco products.
Financial Services
- Banking
- Insurance Carriers, Brokers and Services
- Mortgage Carriers, Brokers and Services
- Non-Depository Credit Institutions
- Other Financial Institutions
​This sector includes companies that are engaged in the provision of financial services, in investing money in predominantly financial assets, in providing services to lenders, borrowers and investors, and in providing insurance coverage of all types. They are primarily engaged in financial transactions and/or in facilitating financial transactions. Companies represented in this sector are involved in activities such as banking, mortgage finance, consumer finance, specialized finance, investment banking and brokerage, asset management and custody, and corporate lending and financial investment. Pension funds are also represented, as are companies that provide services to insurance underwriters. Other financial institutions are primarily engaged in long-term financing. What, in most cases, sets them apart from banks is that their claims and debts predominantly have long maturities. Examples include lease companies, venture capital and development capital companies, holdings exclusively engaged in managing and controlling a group of subsidiaries whose main function is financial intermediation and/or the provision of financial assistance, securities brokers, and stock exchange institutions. Collective investment schemes (excluding money market funds) also form part of 'other financial institutions'.
- Healthcare Providers
- Medical Equipment
- Medical Supplies
- Pharmaceuticals
​The healthcare sector comprises establishments providing healthcare services. This includes companies that manufacture healthcare equipment and supplies, and provide healthcare-related services, including distributors of products and providers (owners and operators) of healthcare facilities and organizations. Also included in this sector are the companies involved in the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products. Providers of diagnostic, preventive, remedial and therapeutic services such as doctors, nurses, hospitals and other private, public and voluntary organizations are listed under this sector, as are health insurance firms. The services provided by establishments in this sector are delivered by trained professionals with the requisite expertise.
​Industrial Goods - Building Materials
- Electronic and Electrical Products
- Packaging/Containers
- Tools and Machinery

​This sector comprises companies primarily involved in the manufacture and distribution of capital goods, including aerospace and defense, engineering and building products, electrical equipment, industrial machinery, and packaging products for industrial and consumer products. Their businesses are dominated by the production of goods for commercial use.
​Information & Communications Technology
- Computers and Peripherals
- Computer Based Systems
- Computer Software
- Diversified Communication Services
- Electronic Office Equipment
- Internet Service Providers
- IT Services
- Processing Systems
- Scientific and Technical Instruments
- Semiconductors
- Telecommunications Carriers
- Telecommunications Equipment
- Telecommunications Services
- Other ICT Products and Services

​ICT consists of all technical means used to handle information and aid communication. This major sector consists of IT as well as telephony, and stresses the role of unified communications and the integration of telecommunications, intelligent management systems, and audio-visual systems in modern information technology. ICT covers four main areas, including (1) technology software and services--including developers of software in various fields such as the Internet, applications, systems, databases, home entertainment, as well as companies that provide IT consulting and services, and data processing and outsourced services; (2) technology hardware and equipment--including manufacturers and distributors of communications equipment, computers and peripherals, and electronic equipment and related instruments; (3) semiconductors and semiconductor equipment manufacturers; and (4) telecommunications carriers, equipment manufacturers and service providers. ICT comprises any communications device for radio, television, cellular phones, satellite systems, etc., as well as various services and applications associated with them. Electronic office equipment includes copiers, data storage devices and other products such as mailing/letter-handling machines, and peripheral computer devices such as networking and point-of-sale (POS) equipment. Companies such as Internet cafes which are primarily engaged in offering limited Internet connectivity in combination with other services such as facsimile services, training, rental of on-site personal computers and game rooms are also included in this sector.
​Natural Resources - Chemicals
- Metals
- Precious Metals
- Precious Stones
- Paper/Forest Products
- Non-Metallic Mineral Mining
- Mining Services
This sector comprises companies that are involved in a wide range of commodity-related manufacturing industries. This denotes materials that came from nature in an unprocessed state, including chemicals, construction materials, glass, paper and forest products (such as timber tracts, forest nurseries and related activities such as reforestation and the gathering of gums, barks, balsam needles, tree seeds, and other forest products), and metals, minerals and mining companies, as well as producers of steel. This includes companies engaged in the exploration, extraction and processing of minerals and ores. Extraction of minerals is undertaken by such processes as underground or open-cut mining, dredging, quarrying, the operation of wells or evaporation pans, or by recovery from ore dumps or tailings, and all supplementary activities aimed at preparing the raw materials for manufacturing. Ores are valued chiefly for the metals contained, to be recovered for use as such or as constituents of alloys, chemicals, pigments or other products. Forest products comprise two categories of materials--paper and allied products, and lumber and wood products. These are often combined, as many companies that produce pulp and paper also produce lumber and wood products in integrated operations
​​​Oil & Gas - Coal Extraction
- Coal and Coal Products Distributors
- Crude Oil and Natural Gas Extraction
- Petroleum Refining
- Petroleum and Petroleum Products Distributors
- Petroleum Bulk Stations and Terminals
- Gasoline Stations
- Energy Equipment and Services
- Field Services
- Integrated Oil and Gas Services
​This sector includes all companies engaged in operating and/or developing oil and gas field properties, and companies primarily engaged in recovering and producing liquid hydrocarbons from oil and gas field gases. Their business are dominated by (1) the exploration, production, marketing, refining and/or transportation of oil and gas products, coal and other consumable fuels; and (2) construction or provision of oil rigs, drilling equipment and other energy related services and equipment. This includes establishments primarily engaged in performing geophysical, geological, and other exploration services for oil and gas. Companies that are engaged in drilling (spudding, drilling in, re-drilling, and directional drilling), completing and equipping wells; in the operation of separators, emulsion breakers, distilling equipment, and field gathering lines for crude oil and natural gas; and in all other activities in the preparation of oil and gas, up to the point of shipment from the producing property, are also included in this sector. Companies primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of crude petroleum and petroleum products, including liquefied petroleum gas, from bulk liquid storage facilities are also included in this major group.
​Services - Advertising Agencies
- Employment Solutions
- Printing/Publishing
- Waste Management
- Airlines
- Courier/Freight/Delivery
- Rail Transportation
- Road Transportation
- Water Transportation
- Storage/Warehousing
- Transport-Related Services
- Hospitality
- Hotels/Lodging
- Education/Training
- Media/Entertainment
- Repair/Maintenance
- Travel and Tourism
- Miscellaneous Services
- Apparel Retailers
- Automobile/Auto Part Retailers
- Electronics/Appliances Retailers
- Food/Drug Retailers and Wholesalers
- Specialty Retailers
​This sector includes companies that are primarily engaged in providing a wide variety of services for individuals, business and government establishments, and other organizations. These services encompass commercial services and supplies, as well as transportation services. Commercial services include printing, employment, environmental, advertising services, etc., while transportation includes airlines, couriers, marine, road and rail, and other transportation infrastructure and services, such as parking, stevedoring, harbor services, navigation services, airport operation, and cargo warehousing and storage for goods and postal services. Waste management includes sewage collection, treatment, and disposal through sewage treatment facilities. Also included in this major sector are hotels and lodging establishments, as well as restaurants and other leisure facilities. Other services that appear under this sector are media and entertainment, and other establishments providing miscellaneous services, (e.g., repair, travel and education, etc.).Wholesale trade includes the resale of new or used goods to businesses or institutional users (including government), while retailers sell merchandise to final consumers for personal or household consumption. Retailers include department stores and shops, motor vehicle retailers and service outlets, and specialty outfits such as mail order houses, vending machine operators and consumer cooperatives.
​Utilities - Electric Power Generation
- Electric Power Transmission
- Electric Power Distribution
- Water Treatment and Distribution
​This sector comprises establishments engaged in the provision of the following utility services: electric power, steam supply and water supply. Within this sector, the specific activities associated with the utility services provided vary by utility: electric power includes generation, transmission and distribution; steam supply includes provision and/or distribution; and water supply includes treatment and distribution. Establishments in this sector typically provide power, steam and water through a permanent infrastructure of lines, mains and pipes. They are grouped together based on the utility service provided and the particular system or facilities required to perform the service. Also listed under this major sector are companies that operate as independent producers and/or distributors of power.
​​ ​This sector comprises companies that incorporate engineering and production to manufacture a varied group of products. This group encompasses a wide range of industries, many of which have progressed from traditional practices and technologies, to diversify and develop niche products for key markets around the globe.​