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Terms and Condition of Course Registration

By registering for the course, participant hereby agree and consent to the following:

  1. The collection, use and disclosure of the above personal data, individual and group photograph by the X-Academy for marketing purposes, post training survey and updates on future courses or as it deem necessary.
  2. The X-Academy and its Partners reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the course in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In such situations, effort will be made to inform those registered, at least a week before commencement of the programme, via mode of contact provided.
  3. Pre-registered participants can only be replaced if the new participant’s particulars are received at least one week prior to the course commencement. Where applicable, the replacement must meet the registration or qualification criteria before the change will be accepted
  4. Administrative Fee or Penalties for cancellation or withdrawal will be applied as follows:
    • 10% of course fees if cancellation is made Less than ten working days before course commencement
    • 50% of course fees Less than 2 working days before course commencement:
    • A refund will not apply for a no show on course commencement. However, the participant may attend the same course within 12 months of the originally scheduled date, if there is a re-run.
    • All cancellation or withdrawal or postponement must be notified in writing to the Coordinator, X-Academy