Facilitating the creation of an integrated capital market
On January 18​, 2013 the West African Capital Markets Integration Council (WACMIC) was inaugurated as the governing body for the integration of West African capital markets.  The over-arching objective of the Council is to establish a harmon​ized regulatory environment for the issuance and trading of financial securities across the region, as well as to develop a common platform for cross-border listing and trading of such securities in the sub-region. 

WACMIC comprises the Chief Executives of the region's securities and commissions and securities exchanges, and is tasked with designing the policy framework and managing the implementation of the process that will facilitate the creation of an integrated capital market in West Africa. Specifically, the Council is to:​
  • Supervise the capital market integration programs
  • Set up standards and validate all works done by the technical committees
  • Coordinate relevant stakeholders, such as ECOWAS, WAMI and WAEMU
  • Monitor and assess the state of preparedness of the member States in the integration process
  • Source funds and other resources for the implementation of capital market integration
  • Monitor standards and compliance post-integration

​For more information on WACMI, please contact: WACMI Secretariat  –  jboakye@gse.com.gh | The Nigerian Stock Exchange  –  ​​oonuntuei@nse.com.ng