NSE Regulation
The Rulebook of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, 2015 (the “Rulebook”) is a compilation of all the Rules, Regulations and Guidelines (“Rules”) of The Exchange in one (1) document. It will facilitate quick and easy access to the Rules by Dealing Members, Issuers, investors and all other stakeholders who require them.

In providing an overall enhanced experience, users of the Rulebook will observe:​
a. ​A consolidated Index of all the Rules​ as of today, 31 December 2015.
​b. ​Division into Parts, Chapters, and Sections, which have been grouped into related​​ subject ​matters for ease of  access and efficient use.
​c. ​Chapters and Section breaks, which have a numbering system that will enable us to add new provisions without disturbing the order of existing provisions, as necessary.
​d. ​A comprehensive editing of the Rules for consistency and clarity.​
​e. ​A consolidation and re-ordering of the Rules for improved flow and rationality in the ​context of the Rules. 
​f. ​A cleaning up where there were overlaps and duplications of provisions.
​g. ​Updated cross-references in order to make relevant connections between related provisions.​
​For our stakeholders who may be interested in the historical changes and developments to the Rules, we will also retain the links on our website to the Rules (Dealing Members’ Rules | Issuers’ ​Rules) as they appeared in separate documents prior to compilation in the Rulebook​.