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Th​e​ Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is well-positioned as a premiere listing destination for African corporates, governments ​and international issuers looking to access th​e capital market of the largest economy in Africa. The NSE provides issuers ​with access to a unique investor​ pool that co​mbines regional and international wealth. NSE offers issuers everything they need for a stock exchange listing.  ​​​
The NSE supports assets​ classes such as Equities, Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Fund​s and Derivatives in its dynamic and globally recognised marketplace.​​​
The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)​ provides a global platform to raise ​capital for project financing and business expansion.​​ The Exchange takes a collaborative and customer focused approach to assist issuers with listing​.
​​Wh​y list on​ the NSE? The strongly regulated operating environment of The Nigerian Stock Exchange promotes transparency in transactions, price discovery and opportunities to access long-term capital. Our goal is to bridge the gap between issuers and the investing public. Here are some of the reas​ons why you should list on the NSE:​​​
  • Strongly regulated operating environment 
  • Efficient listing proccess
  • Transparency in transactions
  • Competitive pricing​
  • Access to a large pool​ of domestic and international investors
  • Efficient and advanced trading platform: X-GEN
  • Efficient investor protection regime
  • Africa’s largest economy 
  • One of the world’s fastest growing economies
  • Ideal time zone (GMT+1) with real-time access to European, North American and Asian markets​​​​


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