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In order to maintain demand for shares and ensure fair market valuation it is important for listed companies to have good relationship with the investment community.  

With an effective Investor Relations program, companies can:

  • Access global investment markets to lower their cost of capital
  • Identify investor opportunities and risk across their shareholder base
  • Prioritize management time on investor relations activities
  • Improve their market reputation and visibility
  • Minimize damage in cases of crisis
  • Ensure compliance with disclosure requirements

To help issuers develop an effective Investor Relations program, The Nigerian Stock Exchange has partnered with NASDAQ OMX to provide listed companies access to world-class IR solutions.

With NASDAQ OMX’s integrated Investor Relations workflow solutions companies can:

  • Understand key factors impacting their share price, including capital flows, market moving events, sell-side sentiment and peer disclosures
  • Prioritise their investor outreach by identifying investor opportunities and risks and understanding the factors driving institutional investor activity
  • Increase the impact of their communications while complying with regulatory requirements
  • Measure the effectiveness of their IR program

Investor Relations solutions from NASDAQ OMX


Providing IR professionals with access to the same information used by institutional investors and analysts, Thomson ONE Investor Relations from NASDAQ OMX offers a window into investor decision making. Designed specifically to meet the workflow of IR professionals and available via the web, mobile, tablet and Excel add-in, it provides unrivalled content, analytics and workflow tools including:

  • Market data and alerts
  • Reuters News
  • Analyst Research and Estimates
  • StreetEvents calendar and event transcripts
  • Company profiles and fundamentals
  • Shareholder Ownership information
  • SmartTargets ownership analytics
  • Firms, funds and contacts profiles
  • Investor Contact Management System
  • Roadshow and Itinerary Planner
  • Email messaging
  • Management reporting


With a NASDAQ OMX IR Website, investors will be able to access all the information and tools they need to make investment decisions. Based on extensive experience, NASDAQ OMX have identified best practices to help companies create a powerful IR web presence. NASDAQ OMX IR Websites increase a company’s visibility by delivering their website pages directly to the desktop of investors worldwide.


NASDAQ OMX Shareholder Analysis enables companies to build an effective investor outreach program by identifying their most important investors:

  • ​Understand who is buying and selling the company’s shares and why
  • Gain visibility into capital flows and the factors impacting valuation
  • Benchmark the company’s shareholder profile against peers
  • Identify prospective investors
  • Prioritise the company’s investor outreach activities​