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The NSE seeks to foster a qualitatively oriented work environment. Through best practices, it promotes employee diversity and equality, a healthy and safe workplace, fair remuneration, meaningful communication within the organization and responsible restructuring. The organization also takes care to offer employees opportunities for training and development.

​​​Employee Volunteering: The NSE rolled out the 1st phase of the NSE Volunteering Programme by starting the Employee Give-Back Month in 2014, as a means of building connectedness between employees and its operating environment. Employees donated generously to the scheme. Items contributed included foodstuff, school supplies, toys, clothes, household items and cash. Through a raffle, a charity nominated by members of staff was selected. The items were donated at the end of the year to Child Life-Line Charity Organization which is a member of the UNICEF sponsored Child Protection Network of NGOs.

The NSE employee volunteering scheme and CSR Champions’ Network was formally launched in 2015.

Diversity: The NSE is committed to creating a workplace that is fair and inclusive, and building a workforce that better reflects the diversity of its employees. The NSE promotes respect for and positively values differences in ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, family status, religious beliefs, perspectives, experience, or other ideologies. The NSE commits itself to creating and maintaining an environment, which is free from all forms of discrimination, including that of people living with HIV/AIDS, physical disability and other life threatening diseases. Information relating to any such illnesses are regarded and treated by The Exchange as strictly confidential, unless the employee concerned has provided express written consent that it may be disclosed to specified third parties.

Staff Engagement: The Exchange has instituted meetings as a medium to facilitate consultation, discussions and dissemination of information among staff members. The following employee engagement initiatives have been instituted to encourage information dissemination and employee feedback: ExCo Meeting, HOD/ExCo Meeting, Divisional Meeting, Departmental Meeting, Town Hall Meeting, Monthly Birthday Party, Staff/Management Retreat and Year End Party. The Exchange acknowledges and gives special attention to employee efforts or positive performance. This is to meet employees’ intrinsic psychological need for appreciation and support business strategy by reinforcing certain behaviours that contribute to organizational success. Recognitions range from a pat on the back, thank you notes, lunch or dinner to awards, amongst others.

Learning & Development: The NSE is committed to supporting the career development of its people through continuous learning. The Exchange passionately invest in learning and development programs for its employees so they can continuously increase their knowledge, expand their skills, and maximize their personal and professional growth.

In the last three years, The NSE consistently trained 96% of its workforce in both soft and technical skills.

NSE Graduate Trainee Programme: The NSE designed its Graduate Trainee Program (GTP) as part of its commitment towards the development of the capital market. The NSE Graduate Trainee Program (GTP) is an 11 month intensive program, designed to develop and groom young global talents locally and raise a new generation of leaders for the capital market and the Nigerian economy. Combining theoretical insights and a hands-on practical approach, the Program gives participants the unique opportunity to learn all aspects of the capital markets, corporate skills and social skills while also firmly positioning them on the right path to career success.​