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The process of listing a company on NSE's market involves a number of strategic steps; the exact steps taken will vary from company to company by the method of flotation and the market the company joins. Below is a general summary of the processes a company will undergo from the time it considers listing on NSE, through deliberations and up to its eventual debut on The Exchange. These steps are meant to serve only as a guide to companies seeking to list on The NSE. The key first step for the promoters of any company is to have a listing mind-set, which forms the foundation for a successful listing.​​
 ​Strategic listing steps ​ ​

The company convenes board and shareholder meetings where the decision to go public is approved. These bodies then give the issuing house or financial adviser (and Designated Adviser, if the company will be listing on ASeM) a mandate to take action. Where necessary, the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association must be amended to remove all restrictions on share transfers. The company settles on the amount of capital to be raised as well as the nature of public offering to be made..

Wherever you are in your growth phase, whatever the funding needs, there’s an available market​! The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) lists companies on three boards: Premium Board, Main Board and the Alternative Securities Market (ASeM), which are govern by the NSE listing rules​. The board your company lists on depends on its size, scope and growth stage.

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