Company​Dividend/ShareBonusClosure of RegisterAGM DatePayment Date
Lotus Halal Fixed Income FundN28.00Nil Not ApplicableNot Applicable12th April 2019
Neimeth Pharmaceutical Int'l PlcNil1 for 1018th – 23rd January 20196th February 2019N/A
SIAML Pension ETF 40N1.17Nil25th January 2019N/A28th January 2019
Vitafoam Nigeria PlcN0.251 for 518th – 22nd February 20197th March 2019 8th March 2019
Transcorp Hotels PlcN0.15Nil28th February – 1st March 201915th March 201919th March 2019
Transnational Corporation of Nig. PlcN0.03Nil1st - 5th March 201915th March 201919th March 2019
Nigerian Breweries PlcN1.83Nil7th -13th March 201917th May 201920th May 2019
Zenith Bank Plc (final dividend)N2.50Nil 11th – 15th March 201918th March 201918th March 2019
United Capital PlcN0.30Nil 14th – 20th March 201928th March 20192nd April 2019
Africa Prudential PlcN0.50Nil 14th – 20th March 201926th March 201926th March 2019
Seplat Petroleum Dev. Com. PlcUS$0.05 (N15.32)Nil 21st March 201916th May 201923rd May 2019
Stanbic IBTC Holdings PlcN1.50Nil21st   - 28th March 2019 19th June 201920th June 2019
UBA PlcN0.65Nil3rd  - 9th  April 201923rd April 201923rd April 2019
Guaranty Trust Bank PlcN2.45Nil                                       9th April 201918th April 201918th April 2019
McNichols Consolidated PlcN0.05Nil9th – 15th April 201916th April 201926th April 2019
Access Bank PlcN0.25Nil12th April 201925th April 201925th April 2019
Custodian Investment PlcN0.35Nil12th – 17th April 201924th April 201924th April 2019
FCMB Group PlcN0.14Nil12th – 18th April 201926th April 201929th April 2019
Fidelity Bank PlcN0.11Nil15th – 19th April 201926th April 201926th April 2019
Unilever of Nigeria PlcN1.50Nil15th – 23rd  April 20199th May 201910th May 2019
Fidson Healthcare PlcN0.15Nil18th – 24th April 2019To be announcedTo be announced
Chams PlcN0.03Nil18th – 24th April 2019To be announced To be announced
May and Baker PlcN0.20Nil 23rd – 26th April 201930th May 20193rd June 2019
Total Nigeria PlcN14.00Nil23rd – 29th April 201927th June 201928th June 2019
GlaxoSmithKilne Consumer Nig. PlcN0.50Nil24th April – 6th May 201923rd May 201924th May 2019
Capital Hotel PlcN0.05Nil24th – 29th April 20192nd May 20199th May 2019
FBN Holdings PlcN0.26Nil24th – 29th April 20193rd May 20196th May 2019
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank PlcN0.03Nil 25th April – 9th May 201916th May 201923rd May 2019
Newrest ASL Nigeria PlcN0.20Nil29thApril –  3rd May 201915th May 201916th  May 2019
Berger Paints PlcN0.65Nil9th April – 3rd May 201923rd May 201924th May 2019
Wema Bank PlcN0.03Nil29th  April – 6th May 20198th May 201913th May 2019
11 Plc (Formerly Mobil Oil Nig. Plc)N8.25Nil3rd – 10th May 201916th May 201917th May 2019
Portland Paints and Products Nig. PlcN0.05Nil6th – 10th May 201930th May 201931st May 2019
Prestige Assurance PlcN0.03Nil6th – 10th May 201929th July 19 31st July 19
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PlcN0.02Nil​​7th – 13th May 201921st May 201921st  May 2019
Caverton Offshore Support Group PlcN0.25Nil​8th May 201921st May 201921st May 2019
AIICO Insurance PlcN0.06Nil10th – 17th May 2019​20th May 201920th May 2019
Nestle Nigeria PlcN38.50Nil13th – 17th May 201928th May 201929th May 2019
Veitva Griffin 30 ETFN0.27Nil                                   Not Applicable                 Not Applicable                              31st May 2019
Regency Alliance Insurance PlcN0.03Nil 13th – 17th May 201918th June 201919th June 2019
Eterna PlcN0.25Nil14th – 17th May 201913th June 201914th June 2019
Okomu Oil Palm PlcN3.00Nil14th  - 17th May 201913th June 201920th June 2019
Cadbury Nigeria PlcN0.25Nil20th – 24th May 201921st June 201924th June 2019
UAC of Nigeria PlcN0.64Nil21st – 24th May 201926th June 201927th June 2019
CAP PlcN2.90Nil27th – 31st May 201920th June 201921st June 2019
NASCON Allied Industries PlcN1.00Nil 31stMay – 3rd June 201913th June 201917th June 2019
Vetiva S&P Nig. Sovereign Bond ETFN13.00Nil31st May 2019Not Applicable7th June 2019
Dangote Sugar Refinery PlcN1.10Nil3rd – 5th June 201918th June 201919th June 2019
Law Union & Rock Insurance PlcN0.02Nil3rd – 7th June 201925th June 201926th June 2019
NEM Insurance PlcN0.13Nil3rd – 7th June 201925th June 201925th June 2019
Julius Berger Nig. PlcN2.00Nil3rd – 7th June 2019 20th June 201921st June 2019
The Initiates PlcN0.05Nil3rd – 7th June 2019To be announcedTo be announced
BOC Gases Nigeria PlcN0.40Nil3rd – 10th June 201920th June 201921st June 2019
Forte Oil PlcN1.15Nil6th  – 7th June 2019Not Applicable10th June 2019
Dangote Cement PlcN16.00Nil6th– 10th June 201917th June 2019 18th June 2019
Beta Glass Nigeria PlcN1.30Nil17th – 21st June 20194th July 20195th July 2019
Lotus Halal Fixed Income FundN28.22 per unitNilNot Applicable Not Applicable12th  July 2019
Aluminium Extrusion Ind. PlcN0.085Nil17th – 21st June 201930th  August 20192nd September 2019
Smart Products PlcN0.15Nil1st – 5th July 201929th August 20195th September 2019
Cement Coy. of Northern Nig. PlcN0.40Nil2nd – 8th July 201925th July 201926th July 2019
Presco PlcN2.00Nil8th – 10th July 201924th July 201929th July 2019
NPF Microfinance Bank PlcN0.05Nil8th – 12th July 201925th July 201925th July 2019
Nigerian Aviation Handling Coy PlcN0.25Nil9th – 11th July 201926th July 201926th July 2019
C & I Leasing PlcN0.075Nil15th – 19th July 201930th July 201931st July 2019
Redstar Express PlcN0.43koboNil17th – 19th July 20198th August 201915th August 2019
Academy Press PlcN0.05koboNil 5th – 9th August 201919th September 201926th September 2019
Conoil PlcN2.00koboNil5th – 9th August 201916th August 201923rd August 2019
MTN Communications Nigeria PlcN2.95koboNil9th – 13th August 2019Not Applicable16th August 2019
RAK Unity Petroleum Company PlcN0.10koboNil15th  – 16th August 2019Not Applicable23rd August 2019
Flour Mills of Nigeria PlcN1.20koboNil15th – 16th August 20194th September 20196th September 2019
Ikeja Hotel PlcN0.03koboNil19th – 22nd  August 2019Not Applicable 28 August 2019
Custodian Investment PlcN0.10koboNil19th – 23rd August 2019Not Applicable5 September 2019
Lasaco Assurance PlcN0.05koboNil19th – 23rd August 201912th September 201919th September 2019
SIAML Pension ETF 40N3.28koboNil26th August 2019Not Applicable30th August 2019
Stanbic IBTC ETF 30N2.36koboNil26th August 2019Not Applicable30th August 2019
Guaranty Trust Bank PlcN0.30koboNil​
27th August 2019 (GDR) 3rd September 2019 (Ord. Shares)  
Not Applicable11th September 2019
Zenith Bank PlcN0.30koboNil30th August 2019Not Applicable2nd September 2019
University Press PlcN0.15koboNil2nd – 6th September 201926th September 201926th September 2019
Tripple Gee & Company PlcN0.05koboNil2nd – 6th September 201916th September 201918th September 2019
Learn Africa PlcN0.15koboNil23rd – 27th September 201917th October 201918th October 2018
Cutix PlcN0.125KoboNil14th – 18th October 201925th October 201930th October 2019

​​ Last updated: August 23, 2019 


CompanyDividend/ShareBonusClosure of RegisterAGM DatePayment Date
Vitafoam Nigeria PlcN0.15Nil19th – 23rd February 20188th March 20189th March 2018
Nigeria Energy Sector FundN102Nil19th – 23rd February 2018N/A23rd February 2018
Nigerian Breweries PlcN3.13Nil7th – 13th March 201820th April 201823rd April 2018
Transcorp Hotels PlcN0.1245Nil7th March 201816th March 201819th March 2018
Total Nigeria PlcN14Nil19th –23rd March 201821st June 201822nd June 2018
Africa Prudential PlcN0.40Nil13th – 19th March 201827th March 201827th March 2018
United Capital PlcN0.35Nil9th – 15th March 201823rd March 201828th March 2018
Nestle Nigeria PlcN27.50Nil7th – 11th May 201822nd May 201823rd May 2018
Medview Airline Plc N0.03Nil21st  –27th March 201828th March 20183rd April 2018
NASCON Allied Industries Plc N1.50Nil  20th – 23rd April 20183rd May 20188th May 2018
Zenith Bank PlcN2.45Nil        4th – 9th April 201813th April 201813th April 2018
McNichols Consolidated PlcN0.03Nil20th – 23rd  March 201819th April 201824th April 2018
Guaranty Trust Bank PlcN2.40Nil            28th March 201810th April 201810th April 2018
Stanbic IBTC Holdings PlcN0.50Nil29th March ­– 5th April 201819th June 201820th June 2018
Julius Berger Nigeria PlcN1.00Nil4th – 6th June 201821st June 201822nd June 2018
Dangote Cement PlcN10.50Nil16th – 20th April 201820th June 201821st June 2018
Access Bank PlcN0.40Nil13th – 18th April 201825th April 201825th April 2018
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nig. Plc(Special Dividend) N7.10
(Normal Dividend): N0.40
Nil24th April 2018 – 4th May 201824th May 201825th May 2018
Custodian & Allied PlcN0.32Nil12th – 17th April 201824th April 201824th April 2018
Cadbury Nigeria PlcN0.16Nil11th – 15th June 20186th July 20189th July 2018
UBA PlcN0.65Nil10th April 201823rd April 201823rd April 2018
MRS Oil PlcNil1 for 52nd – 6th July 20181st August 2018Not Applicable
Continental Re-Insurance PlcN0.14Nil16th – 20th April 201825th April 201826th April 2018
CAP PlcN2.05Nil28th May 2018 – 1st June 201813th June 201814th June 2018
AXA-Mansard Insurance PlcN0.06Nil24th April 201810th May 201810th May 2018
Newrest ASL PlcN0.18Nil12th – 15th June 201827th June 201828th June 2018
11 Plc (Formerly Mobil Oil Plc)N8.00Nil   28th May – 1 June 201828th June 20182nd July 2018
Dangote Flour Mills PlcN0.20Nil23rd – 27th April 201822nd June 201827th June 2018
UAC of Nigeria PlcN0.65Nil15th – 18th May 201820th June 201821st June 2018
Pharma-Deko PlcN0.05Nil7th – 11th May 201822nd May 201823rd May 2018
Law Union & Rock Insurance PlcN0.04Nil27th  April 2018 – 2nd May 20183rd May 20185th May 2018
May & Baker Nigeria PlcN0.20Nil23rd – 27th  April 201831st May 20186th June 2018
FCMB Group PlcN0.10Nil13th – 19th April 201827th April 201830th April 2018
Lafarge Africa Plc(Dividend from Pioneer Profit)  N1.50Nil23rd – 27th April 201816th May 201816th May 2018
Transnational Corporation of Nigeria PlcN0.02Nil18th – 24th April 201830th April 20182nd May 2018
Okomu Oil PlcN3.00Nil15th – 18th May 201812th June 201825th June 2018
Beta Glass PlcN1.07Nil              18th – 22nd June 20185th  July 20186th  July 2018
AIICO Insurance PlcN0.05Nil21st – 23rd  May 201824th May 201825th May 2018
Unilever Nig. PlcN0.50Nil16th – 20th April 201810th May 201811th May 2018
The Frontier Fund(Proposed Coupon) N7.50Nil23rd April 2018N/A27th April 2018
Nigerian Aviation Handling Co. PlcN0.25Nil3rd – 5th July 201820th July 201820th July 2018
Regency Alliance Insurance PlcN0.03Nil30th April – 4th May 201824th May 201825th May 2018
Dangote Sugar Refinery PlcN1.25Nil16th – 20th April 201821st June 201822nd June 2018
Sterling Bank PlcN0.02Nil30th April – 4th May 201817th May 201817th May 2018
Presco PlcN2.00Nil9th – 13th July 201825th July 201826th July 2018
Rak Unity Petroleum Company PlcN0.10Nil23RD – 27TH July 201816th August 201816TH August 2018
Berger Paints PlcN0.50Nil7TH - 11TH May 20187th June 20188th June 2018
Eterna PlcN0.40Nil24TH – 28TH May 201819th June 201820th June 2018
Caverton Offshore Support Group PlcN0.15Nil26TH April 20188th May 20188th May 2018
B.O.C. Gases PlcN0.20Nil4TH – 11TH June 201828th June 201828th June 2018
Learn Africa PlcN0.14Nil9TH – 13TH July 201830th August 201831st August 2018
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PlcN0.02Nil7TH – 11TH May 201822ND May 201822ND May 2018
Aluminium Extrusion Industries PlcN0.085Nil13th – 17TH August 201821st September 201824th September 2018
FBN Holdings PlcN0.25Nil7th – 11th May 201815th May 201816th May 2018
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank PlcN0.02Nil10th – 17th May 201824th  May 201830th May 2018
Vetiva S & P Nig. Sovereign Bond ETFN12.50Nil26th April 2018 (Record date)N/A4th May 2018
NPF Microfinance Bank PlcN0.17Nil4th – 8th June 201828th June 201828th June 2018
Fidelity Bank PlcN0.11Nil14th – 18th May 201825th May 201825th May 2018
Vetiva Griffin 30 ETFN0.25Nil26th April 2018 (Qualification date)N/A4th May 2018
Seplat Petroleum Dev. Co. PlcUS$0.05Nil 17th May 2018Interim Dividend8th June 2018
Omoluabi Mortgage Bank PlcN0.01Nil21st – 25th May 201826th July 20181st August 2018
Capital Hotel PlcN0.05Nil11th – 15th June 201827th June 20184th July 2018
Lasaco Assurance PlcN0.04Nil4TH – 8TH June 201821ST June 20185TH July 2018
Cement Company of Northern Nigeria PlcN1.25Nil19th – 22nd June 201826th July 201827th July 2018
Smart Product Nigeria PlcN0.10Nil30th July – 3rd August 201830th August 201821st September 2018
NEM Insurance PlcN0.10Nil4TH – 8TH June 201820TH June 201820TH June 2018
Mutual Benefits Assurance PlcN0.02Nil14TH – 20TH June 201827TH June 201828th June 2018
Conoil PlcN2.00Nil15TH – 22ND June 201813TH  July 201823rd July 2018
Red Star Express PlcN0.40Nil8th – 10th August 201830th August 20186th September 2018
Flour Mills of Nigeria PlcN1.00Nil6th – 10th August 201830th August 20183rd September 2018
The Initiates PlcN0.04Nil9th – 13th July 201827th July 20187th August 2018
Honeywell Flour Mills PlcN0.06Nil10th – 14th September 201820th September 201821st September 2018
University Press PlcN0.15Nil3rd – 7th September 201827th September 201827st September 2018
Triple Gee and Company PlcN0.03Nil24th – 31st August 201813th September 201820th September 2018
ABC Transport PlcN0.03Nil30th July – 3rd August 201817th August 201824th August 2018
Linkage Assurance PlcN0.05Nil14th – 21st August 201828th August 20183rd September 2018
Custodian Investment Plc(Interim Dividend) N0.10Nil20th – 24th August 2018N/A6th September 2018
Cutix PlcN0.201 for 115th - 19th October 201826th October 20186th November 2018
Zenith Bank Plc(Interim Dividend) N0.30Nil20TH August 2018N/A29th August 2018
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc(Interim Dividend) N0.30Nil16TH August 2018N/A30TH August 2018
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc(Interim Dividend) N1.00Nil29TH August 2018N/A26TH September 2018
Fidson Healthcare PlcN0.20Nil3rd - 7th September 201825th September 201826th September 2018
Lotus Halal Exchange Traded FundN0.24Nil28th August 2018N/A29th August 2018
Access Bank Plc(Interim Dividend) N0.25Nil12th September 2018N/A21st September 2018
UBA Plc(Interim Dividend) N0.20Nil12th September 2018N/A17th September 2018
Guinness Nigeria PlcN1.84Nil24th – 28th September 201824th October 201825th October 2018
PZ Cussons Nigeria PlcN0.15Nil24th – 28th September 201818th October 201819th October 2018
SIAML Pension ETF 40N2.55Nil24th September 2018N/A25 September 2018
Stanbic IBTC ETF 30N2.73Nil24th September 2018N/A25 September 2018
UPDC Real Estate Investment TrustN0.31Nil8th  – 12th  November 2018N/A16th November 2018
Total Nigeria Plc(Q3 Interim Dividend) N3.00Nil26th – 30th  November 2018N/A10th December 2018
Nigerian Breweries Plc(Q3 Interim Dividend) N0.60Nil23rd – 28th  November 2018N/A10th December 2018
Seplat Petroleum Dev. Company Plc(Q3 Interim Dividend) $0.05Nil14th November 2018N/A6th December 2018
Nestle Nigeria Plc(Q3 Interim Dividend) N20.00Nil26th – 30th  November 2018N/A10th December 2018
Prestige Assurance PlcNil41 for 10028th November – 5th December 2018                               N/AN/A
ValuAlliance Value FundN13.00                Nil11th December 201813th December 201820th December 2018
Vetiva Griffin 30 ETF(Interim Distribution) N0.20                 Nil6th December 2018Nil14th December 2018