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The Nigerian Stock Exchange has designed an effective whistle blowing program tagged X-Whistle. This is to provide a dynamic and robust capital market regulatory regime.

X-Whistle is a program that empowers a whistleblower (an employee, an investor, a compliance officer, an Issuer, a stockbroker or any member of the public) to report possible violations of the rules and regulations of The Exchange, the securities law and fraud related to activity within the market run by The Exchange. It is an important aspect of ​NSE’s investor protection strategy designed to encourage those with information about misconduct to come forward to report it and to provide all stakeholders with the means of expressing their concerns in a responsible and effective manner.

X-Whistle is a very powerful means of defending and upholding the integrity of the capital market.  The Nigerian Stock Exchange encourages stakeholders to blow the whistle to rid the market of infractions and misconduct.​ Click here to download the Whistleblowing FAQs for more information​