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Real Time Data
The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) offers market participants various connectivity services, ranging from Virtual Private Networks to Internet-based options. NSE array of connectivity services are designed for users across the board. See how you can connect to the NSE through one or more of the connectivity channels described below.
 ​Connectivity & Feeds​  ​ ​

The NSE Application Programming Interface (API) has been developed to cater to the growing demand for cost effective data delivery alternative to the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol. Our API Infrastructure is available to a range of developers for the display of Real Time, Delayed or End of Day data on Websites, Wallboards and other Web-friendly applications.  ​​​
​Our API is easy to integrate into any website or portal and is available in JSON and XML format; see Market Data pricelist for annual subscription charges. Details on how to register and available data products can be found on the NSE API Website (http://marketdataapi.nse.com.ng​).​​​ 
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Connecting to the Exchange is easy with our remote access and feed services​

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