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Real Time Data
By leveraging technology and key partnerships, The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) provides users easy access to its Market Data in a number of ways. NSE data reports and corporate actions are updated on the website daily. Real time stock prices are also made available on demand.

Investors can access a range of quality reports on the NSE website by visiting the download and Market Reports sections of the website. Investors can also access Real Time Data via online trading portals provided by Authorised Dealing Member firms of NSE. 

Dealing Members can access a range of Data and Connectivity Services to ensure customers have the necessary tools to make the right trading decisions. View the Market Data pricelist​ to access NSE bouquet of Dealing Member services.

NSE API Infrastructure allows listed companies to promote better investor relations and keep up with best practices. Companies listed on NSE can display their own stock quotes on their respective companies’ websites on a near Real Time or Delayed basis.

NSE market reports provide media firms opportunities to boost content and keep viewers ahead​ on stock market news. Connecting to the Exchange is easy with both API and RSS feeds available for integration. Visit the NSE API portal to get started.

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