NSE Regulation
The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is committed to supporting efforts aimed at addressing financial literacy and empowerment; this commitment is expressed in the various financial inclusion and literacy initiatives undertaken by the Exchange. ​​In February 2012, NSE​ kicked off its financial literacy program as a first step in protecting investors. This program aims to enhance investors’ understanding of the basics of investing around portfolio construction, asset allocation and risk diversification. 
To date, the NSE has conducted over 1,055 programmes across Nigeria, including school outreach sessions, seminars and workshops to educate investors, market participants and the general public about responsible investing and sustainable capital formation, reaching over 107,000 people.​
Investor Clinic, an aspect the financial literacy program is an investor education initiative designed by The Exchange to address low investor confidence and create better informed investors. The clinic is targeted at particular segments of the investing community to discuss the finer details of investing and to shed more light on the capital market eco system. 

To further promote financial literacy, NSE  launched X-Academy in June 2017. X-Academy is a specialised learning center that offers bespoke capital market training programmes to equip individuals who will lead and transform businesses for sustainable growth. It is a knowledge-platform of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, designed to provide educa​tion services to individuals who want to gain a better understanding of various aspects of the capital market. See details on X-Academy​